• 24 jun
  • 12:30-14:30

Need driven innovation applying the theory of fundamental needs

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We warmly invite you to an exclusive inspirational webinar hosted by our co-founder, Professor Pieter Desmet. The online webinar will take place on Thursday the 24th of June and the topic is “Need driven innovation applying the theory of fundamental needs”. The premise of the webinar is that all humans share thirteen psychological needs. These needs are universal sources of happiness that represent several opportunities for disruptive product innovation.

We will start the webinar with a short discussion of the challenges companies are facing with identifying consumer needs and soon after we deep dive in a case study around designing a new wheelchair for children. We will then compare a more traditional approach with a more emotional and fundamental needs driven approach to identifying consumer needs and will show you the difference in the result: an incremental versus a disruptive innovation.

While discussing this case study we will also show two short films, in which Pieter will introduce the thirteen fundamental needs, and explain how we can use them to improve products and services, while also showing some creative exercises you can easily apply to your own innovation process. The presentation is followed by a guided discussion among the participants to share learnings and experiences. You can find the program and invitation below. We also encourage you to invite your colleague who could also be interested in learning more about need driven innovation.

Ahead of the webinar, we will send you an envelope with physical materials to be used during the webinar. Kindly let us know to which post address we can send this envelope.

Could you please let us know before the 21st of June:

  • Whether you can attend the webinar
  • If applicable, the name of colleague(s) who will join you
  • The address(es) to which we can send the physical materials

We look forward to seeing you at the webinar!

Webinar program
12:30 - 12:40 Introduction
12:40 - 12:50 Case study – traditional approach
12:50 - 13:05 13 fundamental needs
13:05 - 13:25 Case study – emotional & fundamental needs driven approach
13:25 - 13:40 Using fundamental needs for identifying innovation opportunities
13:40 - 14:00 Questions, Discussion, Wrap-up

Aanmelden? Stuur mij even een mail, dan meld ik je aan bij Pieter Desmet: levi@garage2020.nl